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Just moments ago, while I was on my way back home,  I was to my surprise pulled over by a police officer. That's never fun. My heart was racing and I couldn't think of a reason why I was being pulled over. I wasn't speeding and I certainly wasn't driving recklessly, so what was his problem? BAM...no registration. Oops. It slipped my mind this past month that I had to renew my registration, because it always feels that I was just at the DMV, but there you go. Thank you sir. Fifty-four dollars later and I was on my way. Cops.

College is coming up and I have to say that lately the idea isn't troubling me as it used to. For some time I have been out of school, out the the loop, but I have some confidence in myself that I'll be able to jump back into it. While I was getting my associates degree some years ago now I was an excellent student. You really couldn't approach me most days because I would barricade myself in my room with my books. Studying was like breathing. I graduated with a very high and respectable GPA, and because of that and my history of volunteer work it hasn't been difficult transferring to another college. The entire process is a bit stressful, but once you get everything in order, while minding deadlines, things seem to work themselves out. I will be majoring in journalism with a minor in environmental science. Writing makes me happy, comfortable even, and science is a passion of mine that I plan on pursuing for as long as humanly possible.

 I am worried that I won't make it through like my last college experience. Last fall I was enrolled in school until one day I wasn't. It dawned on me that I was feeling institutionalized, jaded and without my passion or dedication. The school didn't agree with me, and rather than sticking it out I dropped my classes and have been on the working train ever since. It is important to me that I finish school. It's been long awaited. Things come up and I have to stop getting so hard on myself for that fact, because some days I just torture myself with the guilt of it all. Being the oldest of four children I want to set a good example and be responsible academically. I have good feelings about this year, although it has already proven to be chaotic and dark at times it is one that has been full of renewal. The seasons are changing and so are we once again. Some days are easier than others, that's just something I have to face, and I am dealing with my mood swings as time is ticking along here. People are coming back into my life that have up until now been lost, and I'm taking it as a sign of change and rebirth for my relationships. 



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